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swedish massage

Also known as a relaxation or classic massage, this service can be customized to your preferences through light to intense pressure.  A Swedish massage combines various techniques: long smooth sweeping strokes (effleurage), kneading of the muscles (petrissage), rhythmic tapping (tapotement), friction or vibration.


This type of massage helps to relax the entire body and reduce muscle tension through the enhancement of and blood flow and circulation.  Benefits include reduced muscle soreness, elimination of headaches, improved mood, lower blood pressure, enhanced sleep, and more.

deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is focused on addressing the deeper layers of muscle and fascia.  Slow, deep strokes are applied with the fingers, thumbs, forearms or elbow to release the muscle and fascia layer.


This type of massage works layer by layer to release fascial adhesions and chronic muscle tightness.  Benefits include reduction in muscle tightness and pain, increase range of motion, address postural issues or assist with recovery of injury.

orthopedic massage

Orthopedic Massage involves assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries.  The initial session will include assessment of the injury and a review of health history. We will then identify goals, establish the treatment plan, and provide initial treatment. Follow up sessions will focus on the ongoing massage treatment plan.

This type of massage therapy is focused on restoring function and structural balance. It may significantly reduce acute soft tissue pain, improve flexibility, and restore function.

oncology massage

Oncology massage is the modification of existing therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatment.  The massage session will be customized, taking into account the individual's treatment plan and medications.

This type of therapy may reduce pain, stress, nausea, depression, distress, anxiety, and fatigue while enhancing quality of life.

mobility enhancement

This treatment involves stretching and muscle contraction that targets specific muscular groups.  This treatment can be performed on its own or be combined with traditional massage therapy sessions.

Benefits of this treatment may be increased flexibility and reduction of muscle tension.

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